African art and crafts


African arts and crafts

African art and crafts influenced the modern art of the Western world during the discovery of black art in the early 20th century. There are a large number of local arts on the African continent that reflect a wide variety of cultures. Each one is different due to its traditions, which constantly evolve over time in different regions of Africa. These creations were considered art objects in their own right in the early 20th century under the influence of Cubist painters. African art is found in sculpture, architecture, ceramics, textiles, paintings, and jewelry. It is synonymous with great events, whether political, religious or family, such as: the veneration of the gods, marriages, births, etc. The materials used are of great importance, such as wood, animal skin, iron and gold; or ivory, clay, earth and stone. African art is characterized by respect for traditional forms. The knowledge of the artisans is transmitted by their ancestors from generation to generation. We cannot talk about African art without naming voodoo.

¿Qwhat is african voodoo?

The word “voodoo” would come from Yoruba to designate a god. Voodoo is made up of all the spirits and powers of the invisible world, and all the ceremonies, all the rituals that allow you to get in touch and live in peace with this world of the afterlife. Voodoo was used as a state religion by the Fon kings of Dahomey since the 17th century to unify neighboring ethnic groups in their empire, mainly the Yoruba of Nigeria. Throughout the period of the slave trade, the descendants of the ancient “slave coast” carried with them the voodoo religion, which is mixed with Catholicism in Haiti, Jamaica, and Brazil, and in Louisiana. Today, the voodoo religion remains very active in the Benin and Togo region: protective fetishes are clearly visible in the center of town, and the markets of the region, including the famous fetish market in Lomé (Togo), all have stalls. of African voodoo cult, ritual plates, bells, animal bones, seeds and multiple powders.
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