Traditional Benin music oriented to education

In the art section of Afrika Color, you will find some African musical instruments. Many of them are involved in the traditional music of Benin.

Listening to music is a pleasure, but listening to music that educates is even better. Because music that creates awareness directs and participates in personal development. In Benin, in the 1960s, most traditional musicians composed their songs with the vision of educating and raising awareness. They played a great role, because he touched more than one with the aim of getting back on the right path. From Cotonou to Natitingou through Abomey, Bohicon, Dassa-Zoum, and Parakou, the formula was the same. The artists used a common approach called hanlo (in the Goun language). A set of proverbs designed to attract the attention of music lovers. The curious approached the elders to understand these subpoenas that are not accessible to everyone. “Matter is needed,” some explained. We sing, we dance, but we also educate.

Benin is one of the few African countries where traditional rhythms and dances play an important role in everyday life. Most of them come from voodoo worship dances and the problems of the time. These are Zinli, Akinta and Akohoun, Tchinkoumo, Toba, Agbotchébou, Kpanouhoun, Akoto, Agbadja…. that remain to this day.

Afrika Color offers you an extract of the traditional music from DASS-ZOUM.

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