Hello! I´m Ferdinand 🙂

I was born in Benin – a West African country – and 18 years ago I moved to beautiful and culturally diverse Barcelona.

These years in Europe have given me the opportunity to know, experience, learn and enjoy the European way of life. It is so different from the African tradition!

Beyond the differences, I found that both cultures have one point in common: love and respect for art and culture.

This, and the attraction to African culture that we notice in Europe, has inspired our family to create a project that integrates and merges elements of both cultures: the richness of the raw material, the artisanal quality and the color of Africa, with the dynamic European urban lifestyle.

This is how Afrika Color was born, a family project whose engine is to share the spirit, vitality and joy of its people by offering products inspired by the African continent, throughout Europe.

African creators

All the products we offer are handmade by creators from the African continent, mainly from Benin.

They are people who enjoy artisan creation and carry out their work with great care and dedication.

One of them is Anne, a creative stylist thanks to whom we can offer you exclusive designs that combine the best African wax fabrics with European cuts.

Our philosophy is based on “know how and with love“. We feel comfortable taking care of people, processes and the environment.

Take a look at African fashion Take a look at African fashion

Materials, design and production

Each garment and each accessory are made one by one, following an artisanal process of their own manufacture, in our workshops in Benin and Senegal.

Our technique of production and selection of materials is influenced by the Beninese culture and tradition in which we have grown.

We make bright and colorful designs with 100% cotton African fabrics and handmade prints.

Each piece has its unique personality and character, since when produced manually and with different fabrics, no two are the same!

Our philosophy is based on “know how and with love”. We feel comfortable taking care of people, processes and the environment.

More 100% cotton fabrics More 100% cotton fabrics