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At, we offer several shipping options through courier companies. The shipping cost depends on the destination, delivery time and amount.

You will be notified by email when the order has been shipped and delivery will be monitored. It is important to provide a phone number when ordering.


It is important to remember that transport companies work only from Monday to Friday and do not deliver packages on weekends or on local or regional holidays at the destination. They cannot guarantee a delivery time, but try to deliver before 8pm on the agreed day. If they can’t find you, they can try a second delivery, but if they can’t, you must pick up the order at their facilities. Stay informed and provide the necessary information for a smooth delivery.


If an order is sent and cannot be delivered for reasons attributable to the customer, the amount paid for shipping costs will not be refunded, and other shipping costs will have to be paid again for the resending of the merchandise.


Delivery times are indicative, but not guaranteed. 99% of orders are fulfilled, but in exceptional cases, we reserve the right to change the shipping company while transit times are maintained.

In the event of force majeure, such as strikes or adverse weather events,’s liability is limited and the indicated delivery times will not apply.

We ship all our products to the Peninsula for free, from African fabrics by the meter to handmade clothing for women and men, and we also ship free to the rest of the world if the purchase is over €300.

At we are very interested in ensuring that our customers are satisfied. If for any reason you are not satisfied with any of the products you have purchased on our website, please send it to us so we can refund your money.

Of course, choosing fabrics and prints for your sewing or clothing project is a fundamental aspect of the creative process. This choice allows you to completely customize your work, ensuring that it suits your personal style, meets your expectations for functionality and comfort, and responds to current trends if you wish.
If you write us an email to, we will send you some fabrics so you can choose the colors you like the most to make your printed dresses or printed shirts.
There is a minimum order and we depend on the availability of the fabrics and the delivery time as the fabrics come directly from West Africa (Benin).

Customized African clothing is a fascinating testament to the rich cultural diversity of the African continent. Each garment tells a story, whether through its vibrant colors, intricate patterns or the symbolic meanings woven into each thread. What makes African clothing especially unique is the way it is personalized to reflect not only the wearer’s individual identity, but also cultural roots and community membership.
One of the highlights of African fashion is the use of Ankara fabric, known for its colorful and bold prints. Originating in West Africa, this fabric has become a symbol of pride and celebration of African heritage around the world. The customization of these garments goes beyond the selection of colors or patterns; Designers and tailors work closely with their clients to create pieces that reflect their personalities, life stories and aspirations. This may include incorporating specific traditional symbols that represent concepts such as prosperity, unity, or love.
Furthermore, custom African clothing is not limited to one occasion or function. From everyday attire to ceremonial outfits for weddings, festivals and religious celebrations, these pieces play a crucial role in expressing identity and strengthening community cohesion. With the rise of sustainable and ethical fashion, custom African clothing also stands out for its focus on artisanal techniques and local materials, promoting the conservation of textile traditions and supporting local economies. In short, custom African clothing is much more than fashion; It is a powerful form of cultural communication, a bridge between the past and present, and a living canvas of personal and collective expression.

Clothing made with African fabrics has a particularity that captures attention so that everyone wants to wear it, we offer personalized designs. If you want to order your personalized clothes, please let us know in advance to see if we can satisfy you.

Delivery time for your order may vary depending on several factors, including product availability, shipping method selected, and delivery location.
If the items you have purchased are in stock, you will have them in a few days.

If it is a personalized item we will need more time, it usually takes 20 to 30 days after receiving the payment and down payment to manufacture and ship your personalized order.
Generally, in our online store we offer an estimate of delivery time during the purchasing process, and this information can be found in your order confirmation or in your user account on our website.
If you have already placed an order and would like to know the current status of your shipment, I would recommend checking the order confirmation you received via email as it often includes a tracking number or direct link to track your package. You can also log in to our website where you made the purchase and look for the “My Orders” section or something similar, which usually shows the current status of the shipment.
If the information is not clear or you have not received updates about your order, do not hesitate to contact us directly via email or WhatsApp. Remember to have your order number or any other relevant information on hand that can help us provide you with the necessary assistance.

African fabrics, with their vibrant colors and intricate patterns, are a reflection of the rich cultural and historical diversity of the African continent. These fabrics do not come from a single place, but are the result of diverse textile traditions that vary significantly from one region to another within Africa.
In West Africa, for example, one of the most emblematic fabrics is found: Kente, originally from Ghana. This cloth is handwoven on looms and is known for its complex designs and symbolism, representing the social status, history and philosophy of the Akan people. Another notable example is Wax Hollandais or African wax fabric which, although it has European and Indonesian influences, has become an essential element of African fashion. Countries such as Benin, Nigeria and Togo are known for their extensive production and use of these fabrics.
Each of these fabrics tells the story of the communities that create them, carrying in each thread a part of African cultural identity. Its popularity has transcended borders, becoming a symbol of pride and connection with African roots around the world. Its production and sale are essential for many communities, providing sustenance and keeping local traditions alive.

Generally, the products made on our website usually meet the estimated delivery time on the website since we have stock. We do not always comply since sometimes there are other factors such as:
Transportation logistics, a fundamental element that can affect delivery times. Factors such as adverse weather conditions, infrastructure problems, customs regulations can slow down the transit of products.
For personalized products, the following factors must be taken into account: The origin of the products and the manufacturing process may alter the delivery time of the products.
Furthermore, product availability is a crucial factor; If the item ordered is out of stock or difficult to obtain, this may result in significant delays.
In Benin, the production of our artisanal dresses and artisanal shirts is a NON-industrial process, it is artisanal and takes more time. It is the work of our stylist Anne

Many times there are simply not enough African fabrics to create much of the same item.

Since AFRIKA COLOR is a family project, each member of the family has a role, such as Reine de Benín, who is in charge of the art and crafts dof our online store. She is in charge of manufacturing the items available in the crafts section of AFRIAKA COLOR.

Yes, all pieces are unique and perfectly collectible. They are made by artists and their quality is excellent.

Are you a wholesaler or store owner?
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